Clinics and Residences

Textile products for clinics include fabrics that in some cases coincide with hotel qualities, and in others are specific developments to meet the special hygiene and liquid containment conditions required for sanitary use.

Products such as sheets, pillowcases, quilts, blankets, pillow inserts with anti-mite properties, multi-layer absorbent liner, fully waterproof mattress protectors, cotton patient gowns, waterproof handling gowns, operating room drapes, box divider curtains , absorbent and waterproof cloths.


All products are made with the idea of reuse.


To meet hygiene requirements, but also with the aim of reducing waste and minimizing the impact on the environment. Our studies reveal that the use of textiles in sanitary facilities reduces the carbon footprint by at least 70%, compared to a reusable product* (*due to savings in raw materials and energy consumption in manufacturing, considering a minimum useful life of 100 wash cycles )

The use of textile garments that can replace single-use items is the path that leads to sustainability and in this commitment our work is to select constructions, materials and designs that reduce energy and chemical consumption, maintaining performance in more cycles of use and thus also reducing the amortization cost.